Man-Size (man_size) wrote,

All About Books & Comics reviews THE FOX #2

"Haspiel is an indy creator with strong Kirby and Alex Toth influences, and this Archie superhero character, a kind of lone-wolf Batman/Spirit type, offers a great match for his strengths. The credits list Haspiel as “plotter” and Waid as “scripter”; I’m guessing that means Waid took the already-done art, talked to Haspiel about the story outline, and then supplied the dialogue, and the interior monologue that acts as captions. It’s a sprawling story that transports the hero to another world, where he has to fight a bunch of monsters to help rescue a kingdom from a tyrant: pretty standard stuff, except that the energetic art and a healthy dose of humor help to propel the story, as does having a non-powered costumed character who’s so out of his depth. Look for the variant cover, a Paul Pope homage to Alex Toth that’s a marvel of color and composition."

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