Man-Size (man_size) wrote,

Carroll + Clinton

I heard the sounds of rubber tires screeching to a halt and a loud crash of metal crushing flesh. A woman screaming "Call 911!" sent Freon up my spine. I peered out my window and saw neighbors dialing their phones. I ran down my block and lying under a plastic garbage bag was the crumpled body of a Chinese delivery man and his bicycle. Next to him was a black man holding a garbage pail lid over his bleeding head to block the rain. The grill of the black man's van was hanging on by a twisted thread of smashed headlight wires. A woman was telling the semi-conscious victim to "Stop moving your head!" but he didn't understand English. I put a piece of found cardboard under his head because he kept trying to scratch it. The pain from the gaping wound behind his scalp must have itched. Paramedics arrived with cops in tow and they took the poor guy away. The crowd dispersed and the rain washed the blood away, almost making the accident an apparition. Someone tied his busted bike to a rail and it stood there for weeks before it got robbed it of all its parts.

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