Man-Size (man_size) wrote,

Wednesday Night Mass reviews THE FOX #1

"THE FOX #1 — I had to drive to three different stores before finally finding a shelf copy of this when my trusty LCS failed to pull it for me but it was worth the hustle! Emmy-Award-Winning-Cartoonist-&-Animator Dean Haspiel drops some Kirby/Toth justice on the page and then enlists Eisner-&-Harvey-Award-Winning-Writer Mark Waid to dialogue the business, resulting in a comic that feels as fresh and timeless now as it might have in the heyday of the Silver Age. I could stand for it to be a little bit more insane but I suspect they’re going to work up to it. Haspiel does cut loose a bit more in the back-up with fight scenes that are more evocative of Kirby’s work exploding off of the page. Maybe that’s because dude is fighting a building? The only beat about the entire thing that rang false for me was the allusion to the neck-breaking in MAN OF STEEL. I know Waid hated it, and so did I, but we ought not to dignify such travesties with a response. I certainly don’t want any allusion to that movie made in the middle of all this buzzing goodness, right here."

Read the rest of the review here:

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