Man-Size (man_size) wrote,

Drunk On Comics reviews THE FOX #1

"Haspiel didn’t just plot this fun story, he also provided the line art for our adventure. His style melds perfectly to the Red Circle style we saw in New Crusaders last year, and is just as dynamic as any other super-hero title on the shelves now! The scene where “Lucy Fur” trying to keep Paul from seeing her true self (with a name like “Lucy Fur,” I think you can figure out why) and the battle that ensued is full of laughs and action!

The Fox #1 is a great debut for our hero, and, to borrow a phrase from a bygone era…a rip-roaring good time! If you can’t find any issues of this title at your local comic shop…go to another comic shop until you do!!! And tell the shop owner “Shame on you, sir! Why don’t you carry ‘The Fox’? I’ll take my business elswhere! Good day, sir!!” So, in case you couldn’t tell, you should probably go read this book, like, now!"

Read the rest of the review here:

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