Man-Size (man_size) wrote,

Comic Vine reviews THE FOX #1


"THE FOX conjures up a very Golden Age feeling -- retro-styled visuals, plenty of action, and a wild, kooky villain. Haspiel and Waid have brought the classic Red Circle Fox back, and done it with great respect for the genre.

Conceptually, The Fox has a pretty good thing going on -- putting on the suit to make things interesting, then relying on the suit when they get too interesting -- and it's a neat interpretation of the costumed-but-not-powered-hero. I like the honesty of The Fox's nature, and I like that he isn't invulnerable -- seeing him take a beating from powered villains or street thugs is endearing and makes me want to root for him.

THE FOX feels timeless, and its clean, neo-noir story and styling are just right for a Red Circle revival. Pairing a regular-guy-hero with a classically over-the-top villain is a great start, and it's done in a manner that's friendly to a wide audience (perhaps not small children, but it's appropriate for younger readers in ways that many mainstream superhero books aren't). Haspiel and Waid have also teased an upcoming villain that feels Cold War classic, hopefully suggesting their intention to preserve the retro feel of the series."

Read the rest of the review here:

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