Man-Size (man_size) wrote,

Nerdist reviews THE FOX #1

"Like a glorious phoenix rising from the ashes of forgotten superheroes comes The Fox (and a whole slew of other Red Circle Universe comics from the fine folks over at Archie Comics), a pulpy adventure comic that oozes humor, heart, and metatextual commentary out of every pore . Following the adventures of photojournalist-by-day, superhero-by-night Paul Patton, who comes off like the bastard child of Peter Parker and Lamont Cranston (in a good way), The Fox #1 is a rollicking first issue and a terrific reintroduction to a hero that is a sight for sore eyes to some and a newcomer to others. When it comes to saving the day, Patton is supremely confident in his abilities, but doesn’t want to use them. A reluctant superhero is nothing new, but Haspiel’s art and Waid’s snappy dialogue gives this oft-rebooted character a fresh feel and a spring in his step that gives the issue momentum. Keeping pulp lighthearted is a weightier task, but, with The Fox, Waid and Haspiel rise to the challenge, creating a fun, refreshing book that I’m eager to see continue to grow and evolve."

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