Man-Size (man_size) wrote,

Newsarama reviews THE FOX #1

Newsarama reviews THE FOX #1

"Visually, this is an incredibly pretty comic book. Haspiel is an excellent choice for a character like the Fox, because his style flips easily between domestic scenes and the action. He’s just as much at home depicting Patton taking a beating as he is showing him leaping into action in full costume. Haspiel’s strength as an artist is in his ability to emote and the opening sequence is a good example of this. While two thugs rough up Patton, each of the tight facial shots are unique. Patton winces, cries out, and tries to avoid the blows as the page progresses across six panels. His sharp, angular lines guide us to the points of pain or resistance, telling a lot about what is going on without unnecessary comments in the script."

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