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CBR reviews THE FOX #1

A very nice review of THE FOX #1 by Comic Book Resources.

"Everything a reader needs to know about the Fox -- also known as Paul Patton, Jr., photojournalist for The Register in Impact City -- is right here in twenty-four pages (eighteen in the lead and six in the backup) of action adventure. Waid adds snappy dialog to the bouncy, zany story from Haspiel as the Fox tries to beat back evil so he can just live a normal life. The Fox doesn't bemoan his station, he's doing the best he can, but like every reader certain to pick this first issue up, he can't help but want a little more normal in his life. When that life consists of settling in to a new job in a new city, fighting feminine demons with chattering skull heads, and scrapping with sentient retail establishments, it's hard not to think normal might be nice. That said, Haspiel and Waid really sell the bizarre and spin it into a fun story that stays upbeat despite all of the weirdness. That weirdness earns the title of this arc, "Freak Magnet," and Haspiel carries the oddities into the backup tale.

That backup story fully written and drawn by Haspiel, with colors by Allen Passalaquia and letters by John Workman is a wild six-page adventure bursting with over-the-top color and bold sound effects, such as "SHAKE," "RATTLE" and "ROOARRR." Haspiel's art is reminiscent of Mike Parobeck's and Dusty Abell's, giving the characters animated movements and distinct physiques while refraining from overly burdensome detail work. Haspiel's style is open and inviting for Passalaquia's colors in both tales, resulting in a comic that is innovative in its retro-chic appearance."

Read the full review here:

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