Man-Size (man_size) wrote,

Life Deficit Disorder

I'm living a life deficit disorder of only work coupled by promotion and no quality of life whatsoever. Sleep is a bad joke and long, lonely, exhausted hours drawing into the night has become the norm [in his heyday, around my current age, how did Jack Kirby produce THREE comic books a month???). If I never eat another peanut butter sandwich so I can skip dinner with my girlfriend to catch up on a late page because I elected to pimp comix rather than share a non-comix conversation with the person I supposedly share my life with, it won't be soon enough.

The freelance comic book making lifestyle is almost too much to bear. There aren't enough hours in the day and the financial compensation doesn't allow for savings and health insurance. I'm merely trading my talent and time to pay bills and for grub. Three days of New York Comicon will put me three days behind my current work schedule and I don't get paid an extra dime to do any of it. I don't even get the subway fare reimbursed. Instead, I get to work even harder to make delinquent deadlines post-NYCC. I know it's the right thing to show up to the comix party and hawk wares but it's starting to weigh heavy on me. I understand it's the sacrifices we make in order to, hopefully, gain some kind of traction, make some kind of cultural dent and massage the auteur ego, but I hear that the leaves are turning beautiful colors in the mountains right now, not far from my abode in Brooklyn, and I need to be more careful how I spend the few morsels of free time I steal away from my diminishing relationships.

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