Man-Size (man_size) wrote,

Mega Man #29 cover

 photo Megaman-29-var_zps2a53336b.jpg

I drew the variant cover for MEGA MAN #29. Below are the thumbnail-sized concept sketches I pitched. As simple as the cover appears, it took a few revisions to achieve and I realized how difficult it was for me to draw on model. I commend those who have the ability to draw on model but I'm grateful to have been given the latitude to flex my unique spin on most of the franchise jobs I've done or I wouldn't have lasted in the corporate comix biz. Anyway, I hear that MEGA MAN is a fun comic and I'm happy for former studio mate, Mike Cavallaro, who made his Archie Comics debut by penciling the interior of this issue.

 photo MegaMan_Haspielcvrideas_zpscd7f0ce2.jpeg

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