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"The Last Bastion: COMICLYSM" at Sputnik Bar, Saturday night, was fun. A good mix of alternative fare, from the coolio to the absurd, including CIVILIAN JUSTICE, a patriotic superhero born from the fallout of 9/11. It's got to be read, seen and heard [that's right, there is a movie, too] to be believed:

I also met Sophie Crumb [daughter of R.] and got to flex wise w/my comix cohorts. Special shout out to LaBrujah, avphibes, and jenslinky, for swinging by and drawing in my sketch book. LordRexFear promised that the interview he and ianbrill conducted w/Josh Neufeld and I, would one day show up online. I'm holding you to it, Rex!

Cartoonists pictured below [L to R]: Dean Haspiel, Adam Suerte, Brain Musikoff, Sophie Crumb, Miss Lasko-Gross, Cheese Hasselberger, Mike Dawson, Chris Radtke, and Jason S#!thead

The show is up for a month, so be sure to check it out:

I split Sputnik @midnight to catch up w/Digital_Ink and we watched the first 3rd of NIGHT TRAIN TO TERROR [co-starring her very first TV star crush, Richard Moll aka BULL SHANNON from NIGHT COURT].


Coincidentally, THE ONION has a review of it this week in their "Films That Time Forgot" column:

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