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My digital camera seems to have broken. Everything functions except the damn shutter won't open. It's like having a telephone sans dial tone.

THEN, my computer finally freezes up like a virtual deer in cyber headlights and I spend two hours w/the Dell guy [who was very nice] while we locate and hand delete over FORTY-FIVE [45] viruses from my hard drive. The fuck? AND [there's always an "and"] my two year old cell phone battery dies within hours of a full charge. Technology is not my friend. I'm going back to strings attached to soup cans and a Smith & Corona typewriter if I want to communicate beyond the confines of shouting distance.

FIRST OFFICIAL XOMBIE SOFTBALL GAME [in Red Hook]: First inning was surreal. 3 pitches. 3 outs. Same for Team B61 [the bar below Alma]. Then? What do you think? We got clobbered. Emaciated. They would score 6-10 runs per inning and we would sneak one or two in every other inning. After awhile, it was just losers playing winners. By the third inning, they afforded us a "4th out" caveat during our batting licks and we seemed to play better strategy after 3-outs, which makes no fucking sense. What can you do when half the team is girls who never play softball and the other half of the team plays like girls? Either way, we had fun. Zombie Hut owner/team captain, Renee, supplied the beer and cheer, and a few softball wranglers [boys AND girls, equally] rose to the challenge. Next time we play B61, we're going to mix up the teams so we actually play a game of competition.

After I showered the loser grime off my body, I biked over to Southpaw where fans showed up to celebrate my pal, Christian Urich's, cd release party for TORTURED SOUL. I meant to stay longer and grab a copy of the album, but a surprise visit from Digital_Ink cut the funky live house music dance short as I biked to rendezvous at my pad @midnight. Having enjoyed her very own highway hassle [her van blew a tire on the New Jersey turnpike], we skedaddled over to the 24-Hour Bagel Shop on Montague and chowed down on the Brooklyn Promenade, taking in the lower Manhattan view. Late night parking of her van was a bitch in Carroll Gardens when, finally, a tight spot was considered. It took me and two pot-smoking home-boys to lift the back wheel OFF the curb to make the spot legal, but it brought a chuckle to her body and that's all that mattered.

She gave me belated Birthday presents where I scored a book about artist JOSEPH CORNELL [whom I know nothing about] and an original POLAROID CAMERA [the kind w/the accordion lens and flash w/bulbs along w/a portable leather case and strap!]. Perhaps the techno-nightmare I'd recently been suffering was a sign?

She also gave me some pulp cover postcards that were hilarious:

We spent the rest of the evening watching snippets of ILSA, SHE-WOLF OF THE SS, and the trailer for BURNT OFFERINGS [a horror flick that ruined me in 1976], before hitting hay.

Besides buying new comix today, was kind enough to ship me: BEASTIE BOYS "To the 5 Boroughs," Tom Robbins' STILL LIFE WITH WOODPECKER [as suggested by Digital_Ink], and THE TRIPLETS OF BELLEVILLE on DVD.

What music, fiction, and movie, did you recently add to your home entertainment inventory?

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