Man-Size (man_size) wrote,

Favorite NYC hangouts

What are some of your favorite hangouts in the city?

-- The Russian-Turkish Bathhouse on 10th street between avenues 1st and A in Manhattan. An underground cauldron where you can wallow in heat and/or rub sweaty elbows with NYC's smartest, finest, and grumpiest.

-- Wo Hop in Chinatown. An oasis for cops and robbers to go on break for late night steamed pork dumplings and hot and sour soup.

-- La Caridad on the Upper West Side. Here's a good secret to know: Eat wherever taxi drivers eat. They know where to get the best/cheapest meals. That's how I first discovered this Chinese/Spanish mecca. Ask for extra garlic on your fried pork chops.

-- Sunny's Bar in Red Hook, Brooklyn. The last bar at the end of the world where the blue grass music spiritually uplifts as you knock back amber gold.

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