Man-Size (man_size) wrote,

NY Observer: Hooking The Red Hook: Brooklyn Gets its Own Cape-less Crusader

The NY Observer spoke to me about THE RED HOOK:

Article excerpt:
"Brooklyn finally has its own superhero and he’s got a mean right hook.

Comic book artist Dean Haspiel has created “a hero for hipsters” with The Red Hook, a retro superhero with a checkered past and a spandex suit the color of a fire truck (and no cape, actually). The Red Hook comes from inauspicious beginnings as a thief who roves his eponymous neighborhood, and even steals his identity from a fallen foe.

“He’s a reluctant hero,” Mr. Haspiel told us, without giving away any future plot points. “It’s been forced upon him, a life and death situation almost. In a way, I’m commenting on other superheroes–that Stan Lee line, ‘With great power comes great responsibility.’ I’m taking a different look at that mantra with this characterization.”

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