Man-Size (man_size) wrote,

Xombie Softball - Week One

Only five people showed up, including a drive by "holler" from Hueston who, being a lawyer, had to run over to a prison to meet/greet a client. An educated guess would hazard that most folks were scared away by the sketchy weather. Fact was: it was only cloudy for half an hour w/some wet sprinkles. Either way, we had a good hour of practice testing our infield skills. We learned that the field is too small for our bats, having hit a few too many over the fence and into the grating of the factory adjacent to us. So, scouting a new location, we're going to see what the deal is w/the baseball fields in Prospect Park after 6PM on a weekday and keep folks posted.

Meanwhile, this coming Tuesday is scheduled to be sunny w/some clouds.

Tuesday, June 8, 6PM sharp

The concrete baseball diamond located on the corner of Hamilton and Van Brunt at the border between Columbia Heights and Red Hook.

Take F/G-train to Carroll Street. Walk down Union [over BQE/through Columbia Heights] to Van Brunt. Make a left and walk towards Hamilton where you will see the baseball field.

Bring baseball gloves, softballs, bats, water, and chaw.

If it rains? We'll postpone until later date.

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