Man-Size (man_size) wrote,

One Thing Leads To Another - Feb 9th

 photo 2013_02_MedialiaGallery_invite_all_zpsdf053a71.jpg

Medialia is presenting “One Thing Leads To Another,” the 7th annual Panel To Panel exhibit of comic and cartoon art on Saturday, Feb. 9th, from 4- 7pm. Emmy award winning artist, Dean Haspiel will be exhibiting his new comic, “Hooking The Red Hook,” and the original art from a SHIFTY GOTH comic called “Starfish Chastity.” Jen Ferguson will be exhibiting “DUMBO: A Pagan Walks Among Us,” her collaboration with musician/composer JG Thirlwell. Seth Kushner will be exhibiting select pages from two of his upcoming photocomix, “COMPLEX: Luv_Underscores_You,” and “The Perfect Woman.”

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