Man-Size (man_size) wrote,

Barrelhouse 11


At poet/writer, Sandra Beasley's behest, I drew the cover to the 11th issue of the Washington DC based literary/pop culture anthology, Barrelhouse.

Here's the skinny:
"Barrelhouse 11 features new fiction from Edward Porter, Dave Madden, Sarah Rose Etter, Matthew Vollmer, and more, essays on Jersey Shore, rollercoasters, hipsters, and the Three Stooges Museum, and poetry from Justin Marks, Shanna Compton, Gina Myers, and lots of others. Plus, Ian Stansel interviews Hal Hartley. What’s Hal Hartley’s favorite Patrick Swayze movie? You’re going to have to buy Barrelhouse 11 to find out. This issue also features artwork from Dean Haspiel and Joe Infurnari of Trip City, and an amazing illustrated story, “Me and Gin,” written by Lindsay Hunter and comicked by Jordan Jeffries."

You can pre-order copies here:

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