Man-Size (man_size) wrote,

Robot 6 reviews CUBA: My Revolution

"Cuba: My Revolution by Inverna Lockpez and Dean Haspiel
At first I was frustrated at how this seemed to be skipping through time, almost rushing. But then the rhythm of it clicked in because of how it was showing the main character Sonya’s belief in the revolution lead by Fidel Castro in 1959. The portrayal at how Fidel was a charming and exciting figure, even sexy (!) was fascinating for an outsider such as myself. And then the slow process of disillusionment… heart breaking and tough to read. What’s especially startling is just how long she tried to hold on to her belief in communism and the revolution for so long after nightmarish treatment to herself personally and deteriorating treatment to her country and people in general. The end is such an emotional release. This is a fantastic book, bravely told by Lockpez and Haspiel, who don’t flinch from some of the more abusive treatment Sonya received. The story is based on Lockpez’s own life story and I’d love to know what happens next." --Corey Blake at Robot 6/CBR

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