Man-Size (man_size) wrote,

Identity Crisis

Late last year I had a spare week, so, Harvey Pekar recited a new 1-page AMERICAN SPLENDOR script to me over the phone. The subject vague in its usual Pekar fashion, I suggested we title it "Identity Crisis." Pekar was game. I drew it and put it in a drawer.

Turns out the success of AMERICAN SPLENDOR - THE MOVIE, scored Pekar a 3-book deal w/a major publisher and a ton of gigs, including a graphic novel collaboration w/me which I hope to officially announce very soon, once Pekar comes back from his European tour.

That, and my publisher Jeff Mason was assembling materials for this years FREE COMIC BOOK DAY - ALTERNATIVE COMICS #2 [anthology]. Since I didn't have new semi-auto-bio and/or BILLY DOGMA fare at the ready, I decided to pony up "Identity Crisis," for the good cause.

Come July 3rd, any retailer worth their salt are gonna give free comix to anybody willing to enter their shoppe. The idea is to ride the SPIDER-MAN 2 wave, promote the form, and hopefully [fingers crossed] secure new readers.

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