Man-Size (man_size) wrote,

Literary Death Match in Washington DC

On the evening of September 14th, 2012, I helped judge the Literary Death Match alongside Heidi MacDonald and Gene Weingarten in Washington DC where cartoonists Keith Knight, Mike Peters, Jen Sorensen, and Mark Fiore competed against each other. During the contest finale, Keith and Jen were blindfolded and forced to draw me in 30-seconds and I decided to pull a prank by stripping, flipping, and donning my t-shirt before they could know what happened. Ironically, Keith drew me semi-nude and won the match!

[Gene Weingarten, Heidi MacDonald, and Dino present Gene's sharpie-drawn visage by Keith & Jen]

[Dino being a rascal on stage between Keith Knight and Jen Sorensen and gang]

[Keith Knights blind yet brilliant depiction of me in 30-seconds]

Here is a link to the official LDM report:

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