Man-Size (man_size) wrote,

Haspiel & Bernard at the Library of Congress

I was asked to present and talk about my mini-comix collection donation to the Library of Congress with SPX executive director Warren Bernard, where I also read two of my creator-owned comix. Luckily, roving reporter, Hannah Means-Shannon was able to document the affair.

"Haspiel recalled the indie comics scene of the 90’s as an era of producing works on 8×11 paper, xeroxing, and stapling a very “story-oriented” work. Now, Haspiel commented wryly, mini comics have become “way too sexy”, taking on an “art boutique form” to suit anyone’s fancy. He hopes that this “sexiness” won’t lure creators away from good storytelling and that the increasing presence of publishers looking for the next big mainstream hit at SPX and other shows won’t drive away the unique qualities of “self-motivated” comics creating."

Read the entire article: Dean Haspiel and Warren Bernard Introduce the Library of Congress to Indie Comics by Hannah Means-Shannon at The Beat:


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