Man-Size (man_size) wrote,

Baltimore Comicon 2012 - in pictures

[Dean Haspiel, Reilly Brown, Joe Infurnari & Seth Kushner raise a toast to Baltimore Comicon 2012]

[Dino's Batman & Robin 'thank you' sketch for BCC organizer, Brad Tree]

[Dino interviews his pal/comix god, Frank Quitely, for TRIP CITY. Photo by Seth Kushner]

[Dino's Cerebus the Aardvark sketch]

[Dino draws Modok]

[Dino's Modok sketch]

[Dino and Walter Simonson at The Harvey Awards with Walt's double win!]

[Dino, Geof Darrow, and Walter Simonson]

[Dino's Zombie sketch]

[Dino's Doctor Doom sketch, drawn drunk with a ball point pen, prompted by Paul Pope]

[2am in Dino's hotel room with Paul Pope and other comix makers]

[Time Fucker and The Last Romantic Antihero]

[Joe Infurnari illustrated Time Fucker with my mother and this is my reaction!]

[Dean Haspiel, Joe Infurnari, Reilly Brown, & Seth Kushner = Posse in Effect!]

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