Man-Size (man_size) wrote,

That girl and her white music!

It started w/innocent conversation about music. Her tastes being polar opposite of mine. Where she understands Emo, I bump fists w/Eric B. & Rakim. Where she cherishes David Boowie [yeah, I say "Boowie" rather than proper B*wie 'cause that's how George Clinton name-checks homie in Parliament's CHOCOLATE CITY, and honestly, that was the first time I'd heard of this cat]. Of course I have a couple of minor shelves dedicated to choice white people's music [Led Zep, a Stones or two, Cash, Beck, Bjork, AC/DC, Sabbath, Iggy/Stooges, Elvis, ABBA, Nirvana, Queen, Waits, Police, Portishead, Mazzy Star, etc.] so I'm not without. Hell, I even own Journey's Greatest Hits. Gimme a break. What I don't have is that fey stuff the chicks swoon for.

She insists I at least try Boowie's ZIGGY STARDUST [DISCLAIMER: I can't say it/type it any other way. So, up in this joint it's "Boowie." Sorry]. I try it and, like "Mikey," I like it. I get into this STARDUST stuff. Altho, I doubt I would've had the mindset for such tunes a decade ago, I think I've come around in my mid-to-late 30s. Why? Fuck if I know. Probably 'cause the girl digs it so damn much. I dated a chick for 6-years who prayed to Elvis Costello, and I just couldn't. So, next up I buy/try DIAMOND DOGS and HUNKY DORY. Oh snap. It's okay. I'm not vomiting when Boowie whines and plucks at his guitar. I can deal. Then she pulls a swindle and puts on a FLAMING LIPS song. I watch her listen and I can't shake the tune from head because of what it does to her. Suddenly, the LIPS are in my head. So, I get YOSHIMI BATTLES THE PINK ROBOTS and that loops in my stereo for a whole day. Fuck. What's w/these fey songs?

I. Like. Them.

Busted, I snag THE SOFT BULLETIN. This is good, too. Okay. So I add some Boowie and The Flaming Lips to my two --ERP-- make that THREE shelves of [shudder] white music. Then, we're watching some movie about white people's music and I ask her "Who is that band playing in the background?" and she says "T-Rex."

Fuck. Now I'm buying me a T-REX album. What did she sneak into my cereal? It piques at a Borders in Allentown. She's making those goo-goo eyes listening to something called MODEST MOUSE, and it's sending her. I take a listen and I really, really don't want to like them.


I have two of their albums on order, coming to play in my stereo any day now.

I'm trying my best to resist her and her white music. I listen to Afrika Bambatta's PLANET ROCK everyday. Then I realize, the musical hook is a KRAFTWERK sample.

German white people.

I was able to volley back, just a little, by introducing her to "my" current white music faves; WHITE STRIPES and PEACHES.

So *cough* there!

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