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EVERYWHERE returns to ACTIVATEcomix today with the politically charged madcap adventure OBAMBIES EVERYWHERE!!! (That’s right…Zombie Obama’s Everywhere.) “Where two good ‘ole boys try to defend themselves against a zombie horde of unstoppable change…” Written by Chris Miskiewicz with art by Activatecomix founder & Emmy Winner Dean Haspiel

“Obambies Everywhere is a tongue in cheek response to the hype and exaggerated media spin that goes into our elections and politics.” Chris Miskiewicz

Everywhere is a monthly web-comic anthology published exclusively at ACTIVATEcomix in which you wake up to find that millions of animals have appeared Everywhere around the world at the same moment.

Everywhere is written by Chris Miskiewicz and features the art of Andrew Wendel, Rick Parker, Bobby Timony, Seth Kushner, Thomas Baehr, Ashley Quigg, Nathan Schreiber, Kate McElroy, Maurice Fontenot, Palle Schmidt, Chris Sinderson, Omar Angulo and Dean Haspiel.

Dean Haspiel: Emmy award winning artist, Dean Haspiel, created the Eisner Award nominated, BILLY DOGMA, and illustrated HBO’s “Bored to Death.” Dino has drawn many superhero and semi-autobiographical comix, including collaborations with Jonothan Lethem, Harvey Pekar, Jonathan Ames, and Inverna Lockpez. To see more of Dino’s work go to:

Chris Miskiewicz: Multi-media performer Chris Miskiewicz is a native Brooklynite who works in film, televison, comics & prose. Chris is a member of the web-comix collective ACTIVATEComix where he writes the critically acclaimed monthly anthology comic, Everywhere, while his prose writing has appeared at Trip City, Underflow, and Jerry Magazine. As an actor Chris has appeared in HBO’s Bored to Death, and USA Networks White Collar, among others. Chris is a founding member of Welcome to Trip City. To see more of Chris’s work go to:

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