Man-Size (man_size) wrote,

Strip for murder

Dressed only in a pair of black jeans and boots, I played my first game of softball in over 3-weeks. My hitting was weak but my 3rd base defense was better. Couldn't find the right bat to swing and so two pop flies and a solid single were my offensive contributions. Opted out of a second game when the blister on my left thumb burst and the swelling on my right ankle from a botched effort to stop a vicious line drive smashed into and swelled up my right ankle. Sports injuries coupled w/first degree burns [even WITH suntan lotion applied], I hobbled back home on my bike a victim of Prospect Park's scorched earth policy. No way was I in any condition to attend my Sunday life drawing ritual. Too busted up, I was ready to dub my futon a gurney.

A phone call from Mike & Marie got me back outside to hazard the red hot sun rays for a BLT and Root Beer at SCHNACK and a stroll to a used book store on Columbia street where I scored another SHELL SCOTT novel by Richard S. Prather. Who, I have discovered, I cannot deny.


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