Man-Size (man_size) wrote,

Vegan Art

After going for a swim at the local YMCA, Jen Ferguson wanted to extend our health kick at a new cafe on Atlantic Avenue [Brooklyn, NY]. It served vegan food and purported to be comic book themed. I have my knee-jerk opinions about Vegan food but I was curious about the comic book aspect. Keep an open mind, Dean! The place was nice and artsy and played good ambient and soul music. I could hardly find anything that interested me on the menu but there were lots of things Jen liked so we ordered some grub. The service was professional and kind and the complimentary fried Kale chips were alright. Could've used more salt. I found the faux-pizza [bean curd for cheese] to be tepid and uninspired. Nary a spice was added to the crushed tomato sauce and the "bread" was made of bland cardboard. It tasted like a wooden nickel. The tables were set up family style and the food was served on metal platters in the shape of the Brooklyn Bridge arches. The place was nice despite its boring food and corny designs. Oh, and the comic book theme? Along with the beautifully designed menu came a comic book that told the story of the vegan cafe with a mascot and other sundries drawn in an unappealing hip-hop style. I noticed the far wall had red, white, and blue panels that made up the American flag and there were customer drawings on many of the panels. Part of the comic book theme? Sure, why not. So, I asked our server if we could draw and we did. Jen drew a quick Brooklyn Bridge piece and I drew what turned out to be something that reflected my feelings for vegan food. When I got home, I heated up and ate some Swedish meatballs I'd bought at IKEA in Red Hook the day before.


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