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[photograph by Seth Kushner]

Hannah Means-Shannon wrote a great chronicle of what happened at the TRIP CITY SALON at Fornino's Park Slope on May 30th, 2012.

Here's an excerpt:

"Trip City co-curator Dean Haspiel was up first with a one of a kind presentation of the Billy Dogma comic “The Last Romantic Antihero” whose panels were projected in electric yellow tones onto a theatrical screen while Haspiel narrated. The jazz accompaniment turned the verbal components of the performance into a mix of beat poetry and slow rap while it rendered the visual aspects cinematic. In true happening form, the reactions of the audience impacted the climate and direction of the piece setting the scene for the elasticity of this uniquely combined medium."

"Dean Haspiel’s short story “I’d Rather be Happy than Right” added a mellower note to this saunter through Trip City’s mental geography. For a moment, looming against the screen displaying the stark water towers of Trip City’s iconic logo, Haspiel seemed to be stepping off the webpage into the restaurant like a newly arrived messenger from the salon’s archives. The themes of uncertainty in his story, challenging the idea that “everything has its place” allowed room for this fusion of forms."

Read the whole thing here:

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