Man-Size (man_size) wrote,

Better Than Fiction reviews CUBA: MY REVOLUTION

"This book written by Inverna Lockpez may not be a biography, but it sure feels like one. Lockpez (who left Cuba herself in the sixties) weaves a dramatic tale of a seventeen year old girl living in Cuba. Sonya has two choices for a career: Art or Medicine. But when Fidel Castro's revolution takes over her beloved Cuba her choice is all but made for her. So Sonya puts art on the back burner to study medicine. Being behind the revolution Sonya is willing to give a little for the greater good of Cuba. But as the country and the people around her fall deeper and deeper into turmoil Sonya begins to realize that maybe this revolution isn't a good thing after all.

This book (drawn by Dean Haspiel) reminds me Empire Of The Sun or Hotel Rwanda. This story, once again, shows people living their lives then their world is turned upside down by a government or new regime. It's a real page turner. Highly recommended."

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