Man-Size (man_size) wrote,

Happy Accidents

Digital_Ink came into NYC for a good pals wedding on Saturday, so I got to steal some time w/her on Sunday. We tried to go to Prospect Park for much coveted frisbee but got caught in the stream that was the 5th Avenue Street Fair. We tried our best to find five good reasons for such events and couldn't. After six packed blocks, she insisted on food being #1, and I found that cheap vinyl records was a plus. Otherwise, trying to cobble together five sound reasons to stop traffic and clog up a neighborhhod -- was way too tough.

Making our way out of the deluge, a chinaman grabbed Digital_Ink by the shoulders and started in on his mystical massage. Knowing how much her back was ravaged by this-n-that, we got busted by the instant sell and ponied up $10 for ten minutes of nirvana. For another $10, I was able to get her to sit in on 3-hours of Life Drawing in DUMBO, something she hadn't done in a dogs age. Again, we had a duo to draw, only this time it was male/female.



Later, we ate Thai and tried to watch a dupe-copy of MONSTER, but I wasn't feeling the ugliness that was that tragic story. Plus, it failed to capture me in the first few scenes, so sympathy was nil. I could relate more to a Sergio Leone villain. Instead, we lightened the mood w/the romantic underdog: HAPPY ACCIDENTS.

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