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Mark Russell Tribute Party

Ames invited me to a party at Capitale to honor Mark Russell and his 20 years at Performance Space 122. It started @7:30PM, I hopped my bike over the Brooklyn Bridge and got to Chinatown @10:30PM. From what I saw, I was afraid of what I had already missed.

In a nutshell, there were tons of crazy acts representing the PS 122 vibe, mixed w/intervals of dancing. DeeJay's played Donna Summer to Outkast. Lots of gyrating hips and bobbing boobies.

Saw/said 'hello' to cartoonist Bob Sikoryak, actor James Urbaniak [who played R. Crumb in AMERICAN SPLENDOR], and old SUNY Purchase alum/performer, David Neumann. There were plenty of recognizable faces.

Being Ames guest, I got to hang backstage with The Mangina, where I met author/actor Eric Bogosian [that's one cool cat], and author David Leslie, who would later box Ames in three/one-minute round rematch to end the event. Ames ruled round two but the battle was declared a draw.

Ames & Leslie:

The Mangina:

Nude Hula-Hoopers:


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