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Wildcat Comicon report at CBR by Bill Reed


"Next came a presentation on comic book storytelling from Dean Haspiel, the world’s manliest cartoonist, using examples from the comics he’s illustrated over his career. We bloggers and critics always discuss things from the story’s point of view, but we tend to give more credit to the words rather than the pictures. Comparing a page of script to a page of comics, Haspiel demonstrated how the artist shapes the experience. In one particular example of a page from Cuba: My Revolution, written by Inverna Lockpez, he discussed a specific captioned passage he found so hauntingly beautiful that he chose not to illustrate it, letting the words themselves carry the day, and rearranging the panel presentation from the initial script. He also displayed a page of a script from Harvey Pekar, which was amazing; Pekar wrote the scripts out by hand panel by panel, including tiny stick figure placement."

"Haspiel finished by reading two comic stories aloud; one, an autobiographical love letter to New York, entitled “Beef with Tomato,” and the other a Billy Dogma tale, “The Last Romantic Antihero.” Both were great, but I found the Billy Dogma story particularly fantastic, a tone poem synthesis of bigger-than-life Jack Kirby elements with the subversive verve of underground cartooning, radiating off the page (or screen in this case) with electric yellow and strawberry shake colors. Are these stories in print? I would buy the heck out of a Billy Dogma Omnibus."

Read the entire article here:

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