Man-Size (man_size) wrote,

The Five Dimensional Adventures of Dirk Davies

Comic book writer, Ben McCool, and Cryptozoic Entertainment officially announced our new webcomic collaboration, “The Five Dimensional Adventures of Dirk Davies,” at Wondercon this past weekend and Comic Book Resources did an exclusive interview with us about it:

The series will be published at Shifty Look come mid-April and is loosely based on Warp & Warp, the Namco Bandai video game from the 1980s:

Interview excerpts from Dean Haspiel:

“Ben has the innate ability to embed creative lightning into the artist’s head, timed to strike like beacons of inspiration and he writes like how Dick Tracy villains look — in a good way. So, with that in mind, it was easy to derive his dimension-hopping detective, Dirk Davies, who in my view was a pulp/sci-fi version of Ben McCool. A charming grifter with bed-head and a gun made in the future. ”

“Besides visually realizing Ben McCool’s maze of a mystery, my aim is to draw a world that looks like Hammer Horror science fiction but feels like electronic pulp with a twist of psychedelic analogue.”


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