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TRIP CITY proudly presents Becky Cloonan & Larry O'Neil + More!

Seth Kushner interviews cartoonist, Becky Cloonan, about her new work on Conan The Barbarian for Dark Horse Comics, her self-published mini-comic Wolves, collaborating with writer, Brian Wood, and more!

Pals since high school, Dean Haspiel sits down with writer/filmmaker, Larry O’Neil, and they talk about their early rebellions, their passion for comic books and movies, the business of making comic books and movies, FEAR CITY; their one and only, lost & found, comix collaboration, and Larry’s latest short film, TRONT’S QUEST, the sensuous and provocative tale of a Dungeons & Dragons game gone wrong.

TRIP CITY Podcast #10 features interviews with cartoonist, Becky Cloonan, and writer/filmmaker, Larry O'Neil:

Larry O'Neil's short film, TRONT'S QUEST:

FEAR CITY; The Lost & Found Comix of Larry O'Neil & Dean Haspiel [from 27-years ago]:




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