Man-Size (man_size) wrote,

Using You - For You - By You

Yes, shame on you, Facebook and Google, this is bad business practice and "data aggregation" is just plain lazy. You can't really/truly know a person or potential client/worker/boss/lover/criminal/hero/etc., based on their online behavior; translated into numbers. Besides, there is so much complaining happening in these social networks, the math of it all paints one big, bleak picture. What have I learned these past few years on FB/Twitter? In general, people love to gossip and love to hate. Why not just rename the internet, "Ha-Ha-Hate?" So, with that in mind, you'd think I'd split Facebook/etc., right? Well, I don't because I know in my heart that people, in general, are better than that.

If you thought you had a private profile via Facebook/Twitter/etc., you're a fool. If you thought your emails were private via Gmail/etc., you're a fool. Anything you get for "free" comes w/a price and, nowadays, they're selling you your own emails right back to you. Not the worst idea in the world but I may want to enjoy more than I already know and like, if you know what I mean. So, throw me a curve ball once in awhile, why don't you, my dear data aggregators. Sell me something different. Tell me something new. Okay? Bottom line: turn me on to what you like and be true and keep your private stuff to yourself - offline.

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