Man-Size (man_size) wrote,

24-Hour Comix

This past weekend launched 24-HOUR COMICS DAY. 24-pages in 24-hours. A challenge created by comix leading theoretician, Scott McCloud, over a decade ago. Learn more about it here:

I rode my bike over to Jim Hanley's Universe @3AM Saturday to rally troops. I stayed for less than an hour and looked at old IRON MAN and CAPTAIN AMERICA comics w/Nick & Vito. Wendy was at the cash register w/Alicia taking there stab at the experiment while the rest were trudging along at the tables below. Bravo!

TWO YEARS AGO: I barely got 5pp into mine before I quit. My idea was too ambitious. Too purple. Plus, I was meeting my [then] girlfriend's parents the next morning. I was nervous.


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