Man-Size (man_size) wrote,


I'm going to a 22nd Century Electric Porpoise Dance Class @6pm and then I'm getting my toe nails polished with psychedelic fur and then I'm heading to a Metro-sexual Pirate Wine Tasting where they serve Skull Butter and Duck Tapioca on Leavened Bread Bones and then I'm seeing a 4-minute film; "Inhaling Exhaling" in the back of RZA's "moving pictures van" which will drop me off at a book signing/reading of FICTION: A MEMOIR, written by an upcoming Twitter-auteur and then I'm going to the Hammock Lounge to rest my eyes under a hot cloth compress for 20-minutes while listening to a new/super-secret Orchestral Maneuvers In The Dark ambient maxi-single titled "Yawn: The Contagion" before slipping into my tan Corduroy Muumuu and Carbon Footprint Resistant Crocs for the big party!

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