Man-Size (man_size) wrote,


I'm thinking Digital_Ink, Larrondo, and NiggerKojak, need to hole up in a Catskill farm house and we write the 4th RE-ANIMATOR movie. Call it "Bring Me The Head Of Dr. Hill!"

BEYOND RE-ANIMATOR wasn't nearly as good as the first two, but the 3rd act made up for the time spent watching it. Nearly incoherent and badly dubbed [shot in Spain, of all places], the final 25-minutes goes insane. Really creepy ideas gone awry. Kinda like the cemetery scene in the very end of BRIDE, only in prison and twisted in a way that reminds me of ILSA, SHE WOLF OF THE SS


1] after a prison riot, the sadistic warden injects Re-Agent into the bodies of men hanging from nooses so they "live" through the experience of dying, over and over again. Legs kick wildy as men choke perpetually.
2] a prison junkie injects himself w/the Re-Agent! A dance to behold.
3] the warden's severed penis COMES ALIVE and chases a rape it. I'm not lying. Just watch through the end credits.

Still, nothing, NOTHING prepared me for the music video that accompanies the feature. "Move your dead bones. C'mon, re-animate your feet!" Cheesy in a way rancid brie cringes from. Priceless.

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