Man-Size (man_size) wrote,

Swankety Swank - Creative Genius: Dean Haspiel

My personal radar for creative genius is pinged every time I walk into DEEP6, my shared studio in Gowanus, Brooklyn, where I’m afforded the honor to witness and collaborate in great imaginations, sparking and solving narrative challenges. The studio environment creates a spiritual energy that has no alchemical equivalent. It’s a romantic energy that binds our ideas and releases our art and there is no formula for such unqualified beauty. And, when art is taking a break from my studio, it’s happening all around us, inside and out, all the time. It can’t be stopped.

My muse is my fear coupled with a semi-narcissistic drive to impart evolved wisdom while asking big questions. Art is a reaction to love and life while exploring the universal truths.

I believe creativity comes from a divine combination of expression and invention with an innate yet bold desire to communicate to strangers.

–Dean Haspiel

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