Man-Size (man_size) wrote,

Cowboy Johnny Christ

My good pal/ex-roomate, Christian Urich, has a new solo project which I just drew the CD cover art for:

CCM016 - Release Date June 24, 2004
Cowboy Johnny Christ
"Are You A Lonely Girl?/If He's So Special..."
Limited Promos in Stock!

A1. Are You A Lonely Girl? - BGB Big Beats Mix
B1. Are You A Lonely Girl? - Extended 12" Mix
B2. So Special Dub
C1. If He's So Special... - Extended 12" Mix
D1. Lonely Dub
D2. If He's So Special - Radio

Behold the living personification of a master cowboy metro sexual, Cowboy Johnny Christ, free, as his credo states, to roam the city in search of intriguing, question raising scenarios. These scenarios explore truths that will only be revealed by an enquiring mind buttressed by a brave heart, the pair of which the Cowboy himself possesses. Whilst not roaming free searching diligently, Johnny C puts on another mask as drummer and lead singer for super group Tortured Soul touring madly from coast to coast. He is also Cooly C of Cooly's Hot Box fame, where does he find the time? It must be those magical powers. It has been over a year now since he has wield the machete, last appearing with Land Shark for "Let's Fuc" a raunchy excursion into the hyper-sexual. This time he delivers two stories back to back as they relate to each other chronologically with a conscience ridden pursuit of a young fillie asking such deep questions as, Are You A Lonely Girl? and If He's So Special...why are you with me? Look out for the Cowboy.

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