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MTV-GEEK!: Comic Book Creators Pick Their Favorite Top 3 Comic Stories Of 2010!

Dean Haspiel, creator of "Billy Dogma" and artist of Vertigo's "Cuba: My Revolution", and HBO's "Bored To Death."

1) The Playwright by Daren White and Eddie Campbell (Top Shelf)
Absurdly funny and morbidly honest, this tome explores loneliness, decline, and the perverse side of the human condition with appalling dignity and witty panache.

2) Make Me A Woman by Vanessa Davis (Drawn and Quarterly)
Vanessa Davis picks up the gauntlet Harvey Pekar left behind and shows us that, not only can "comic books be about anything" but that they should be, too. Innocent, embarrassing, intelligent, sexy and sweet, Vanessa Davis makes me a woman.

3) Motel Art Improvement Service by Jason Little (Dark Horse)
Jason Little is the unheralded promise of my generation of cartoonists. I've been waiting seven years for his bubblegum pop-noir to finally come into fruition, majestically capping off an exciting decade of comix aughts.

For the rest of the list, go to:

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