Man-Size (man_size) wrote,

Happy Holidays

I recently hung out with an old junior high school chum who is going through a career transition and our mutual pal asked him, "What do you want to do?" and he couldn't answer.

I found that "what do you want to do?" is a life-long question that can only be "answered" through action and time. Deeds, not words. And the joke is, no matter how hard you try, you will never come to know the answer. Upon your death, other people will weigh in on your value if your testament of life even rates the debate. With that in mind, it's up to you to build a case of value. Or, at the very least, perceived value. Not for them but for you.

I chose a risky career [fueled by unbridled passion] that sacrifices stability, sleep, and common sense for expression, ridicule, and fantasy. I was once asked to write a 6-word memoir and what I wrote was, "Gravestone won't say Had Health Insurance." The good news is that most people don't know what they want nor question it. I believe that most people find a way while society prescribes a template of life to quell the universal questions by providing safe and satisfactory solutions. Alas, I'm too nosy and silly and snobby to settle and my days are filled with grueling questions that I can only begin to answer [or question further] in my journey to put experience and ideas to paper and break pencils.

Ultimately, there is no answer. There just is and the experimentation of that. I doubt we will live to see the day the stars make sense, much less, people [good luck, science and psychology]. And, we gotta be okay with that.

Stay curious. Live life large. Even if large = picking up your kid from school, two turn tables and a microphone, or studying a lump of coal while a celestial wind brings goosebumps.


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