Man-Size (man_size) wrote,


Working on a new superhero team pitch for a "kids" comic...

A-OKAY COOL c.2004 Dean Haspiel

The dame with x-ray goggles & enigmatic eyes, bee-sting lips and magnesium thighs, Ava DeCarlo is Mirth-Quake, a Phenomenolist who drops hardcore Phenome-Bombs.

The power to stretch his body and shift size from gnat to monument, Adam Tom is The Inflatable Adam.

Jack Henry Thor is an anxious man who can do almost anything but doesn't know how to. For better or for worse, when Jack exposes his bare chest under stress, he transforms into the unpredictable uber-mensch, Man-Size. Jack often warns, "Don't make me take my shirt off!"

A Multiple Dimension Action Laser Robot, The Iron Gate transports, doctors, records, and polices team A-Okay Cool.

An African, natural mystic who wields magic zephyr with the might of his wooden scepter, Nushaun Kevorka is The Yellow Kite.

An alien tart from Jupiter blasts psychedelic rays from her cyclopean eye, which causes optical distortions; Gigi E. Piphany is The Celluloid Flame.

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