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CUBA: MY REVOLUTION - Reviews and News

The Vertigo Blogs:

CUBA: MY REVOLUTION makes Best of HEEB 5770

Comic Revolution reviews CUBA: MY REVOLUTION

Scripps News reviews CUBA: MY REVOLUTION 'a powerful graphic novel'

Portland Mercury reviews CUBA: MY REVOLUTION

Newsarama reviews CUBA: MY REVOLUTION

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Wall Street Journal: Cuba as Seen Through Cartoons

LARGEHEARTED BOY posts CUBA playlist by Dean Haspiel

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WORD BALLOON podcast: Dean Haspiel and Tim Hall on CUBA, UNDIE PRESS, PEKAR and BORED TO DEATH

Latina Magazine features CUBA: MY REVOLUTION

AM New York, September 15, 2010

Miami Herald reviews CUBA: MY REVOLUTION


Graphic Novel Reporter: Inverna Lockpez's Cuba: Remembering a Revolution

Weekly Comic Book Review reviews CUBA: MY REVOLUTION

TALKING WITH TIM: Dean Haspiel on Cuba: My Revolution, Post-Disaster Adventure Chronicles & More

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Vertigo On the Ledge: with Inverna Lockpez

NY POST: Haspiel takes on Castro in Lockpez's bittersweet revolution memoir

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Kids learn comix thru the Art of CUBA: MY REVOLUTION at Kentler

A.V. Club reviews CUBA: MY REVOLUTION,46123/

Newsarama reviews CUBA: MY REVOLUTION


MTV GEEK video-interviews Dean Haspiel at NYCC 2010 about CUBA: MY REVOLUTION

Publishing Perspectives: Dean Haspiel’s Cuba Brings the Harsh Reality of Castro’s Revolution

MIAMI HERALD: As literature evolves, so does Miami's annual book fair

El Tecolote reviews CUBA: MY REVOLUTION

School Library Journal reviews CUBA: MY REVOLUTION
Gr 10 Up–This memoir is an excellent example of the graphic novel's ability to make pain visible. Opening panels dated December 31, 1958, introduce Sonya, fashionably dressed in vibrant red, looking forward to a new year with Fidel Castro's overthrow of the Batista regime and a new hope for Cuba. "I feel a new beginning has come for my country. Finally the justice and equality we have yearned for is about to happen." Sonya gets caught up with the fervor of this movement and renounces her plans to study art. Instead she joins the military and commences medical studies in her zeal to bring positive change to her beloved country. However, life in Cuba becomes progressively worse. This is signaled visually by the change to a black-and-white palette. She is imprisoned and tortured by her own country. Her mother, stepfather, and infant sister are finally able to leave, but Sonya stubbornly refuses to go, clinging to her dreams and ideals. The final panel reveals her tear-stained face, etched with the years of pain and horror as she finally leaves Cuba. "I don't know right from wrong anymore. What happened to the principles we believed in five years ago? I'm always afraid, all the time. All the time." The pain is both visually and verbally palpable. Due to graphic depictions of violence and nudity this searing account is most appropriate for mature readers.
Barbara M. Moon, Suffolk Cooperative Library System, Bellport, NY
© Copyright 2010. Library Journals LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Media Source, Inc.

NPR: Graphic Novel Tells Grim Story Of Cuban Revolution

Cuba: My Revolution is a new graphic novel about a 17-year-old girl who forgoes her dream of becoming an artist to join Fidel Castro's Cuban Revolution. Host Allison Keyes speaks with author Inverna Lockpez, whose personal experiences shape the story, and illustrator Dean Haspiel.

Vertigo Blog: CUBA and DARK RAIN in Miami

K.I.D.S. Art Ed After School brings Dean Haspiel to The Red Hook Community Justice Center

The Long and Short Box Of It! reviews CUBA: MY REVOLUTION art show at Kentler

THE DAILY BEAST Best YA Novels of 2010 includes CUBA: MY REVOLUTION

Library Journal reviews CUBA: MY REVOLUTION

Minnesota Reads reviews CUBA: MY REVOLUTION

Playback:stl reviews CUBA: MY REVOLUTION

Inverna Lockpez at the Miami Book Fair talks to Marc Bernier about CUBA: MY REVOLUTION

Comic Critique picks CUBA: MY REVOLUTION as Graphic Novel of 2010

Comic Books For Colored Folks reviews CUBA: MY REVOLUTION

Newsarama: Comic Studies: Metafiction meets Autobiography

iFanboy reviews CUBA: My Revolution

"Remembering Revolution," the Palm Coast Observer interviews Inverna Lockpez, writer of the graphic novel, CUBA: My Revolution.

Better Than Fiction reviews CUBA: MY REVOLUTION

Robot 6 reviews CUBA: My Revolution
"Cuba: My Revolution by Inverna Lockpez and Dean Haspiel
At first I was frustrated at how this seemed to be skipping through time, almost rushing. But then the rhythm of it clicked in because of how it was showing the main character Sonya’s belief in the revolution lead by Fidel Castro in 1959. The portrayal at how Fidel was a charming and exciting figure, even sexy (!) was fascinating for an outsider such as myself. And then the slow process of disillusionment… heart breaking and tough to read. What’s especially startling is just how long she tried to hold on to her belief in communism and the revolution for so long after nightmarish treatment to herself personally and deteriorating treatment to her country and people in general. The end is such an emotional release. This is a fantastic book, bravely told by Lockpez and Haspiel, who don’t flinch from some of the more abusive treatment Sonya received. The story is based on Lockpez’s own life story and I’d love to know what happens next." --Corey Blake at Robot 6/CBR

Worthy Of A Bigger Audience reviews CUBA: My Revolution
"Cuba: My Revolution: A powerful story which takes you to emotional extremes."

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