Man-Size (man_size) wrote,

DEADPOOL 1000: "A Nightmare on Elm Tree"

Marvel editor supreme, Axel Alonso, kindly invited me to write and draw a Deadpool story for DEADPOOL 1000 [coming out this Weds., August 4th]. I was happy to receive the call, only, I've never read a Deadpool story. Excited by the challenge, I tapped current PRINCE OF POWER artist and studio mate, Reilly Brown, who cut his eye teeth on Deadpool, to school me and, after much deliberation, devised a short story that, I believe, befits the popular "merc with a mouth," as abetted by the coloring powers of Joe Infurnari.

Here are two articles about DEADPOOL 1000:

Here are some preliminary sketches I did for my Deadpool story, "A Nightmare on Elm Tree"


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