Man-Size (man_size) wrote,

Mustard Mouse

My pal, Doug D., is making a movie called "Dr. Chang and the Mystery of the Exploding Glass Bauble Filled with Poison Glass," and asked if I would draw a piece for the movie, as well as, act in a small role. Below are his descriptions and my results:

"A cartoon drawing of Mustard Mouse, an old, scruffy alcoholic mouse, wearing a tight-fitting yellow superhero outfit with an obscenely large package, the letters MM on his chest, flying through the air. In other words, a kind of sickly, degenerate version of Mighty Mouse. And there should be some sort of landscape in the background -- a tropical island theme with palm trees or maybe a volcano or something, but this one should essentially be like the first page of a comic where you're just showing off the superhero in a big spread, flying in the air to demonstrate his superhero-ness, which in this case, should be pretty lame."

"A cartoon drawing of Mustard Mouse riding atop a giant rocket ship as two cherubic faced boys wearing overalls clap enthusiastically below him. In this one, the phallic-ness of the rocket ship should be obvious (without giving the ship a head or foreskin or anything, though). I thought it'd be funny if one of the boys was wearing lederhosen, like those little German boys from the late 19th century and maybe if the the other boy was a grotesque Asian stereotype with buck teeth and big round glasses. Either eay, the boys should be clapping enthusiastically -- almost dementedly happy, with a touch of sexual adoration in their eyes. This one should also be a big drawing, as if it took the entire page in a comic book. Mustard Mouse should be riding the ship eneregetically, like Slim Pickins at the end of Dr. Strangelove."


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