Man-Size (man_size) wrote,

Dean Haspiel's favorite DC Comics cover

Recently, DC Comics celebrated its 75th Anniversary by asking some of their creators to weigh in on their favorite DC Comics covers. An impossible task, fer sure.

Alas, I was tardy and my submission was left on the cutting room floor.

Lucky for DC Comics, I'm web-savvy. So, here is my favorite DC Comics cover [big ups to Mark Waid]:

Anybody who's ever met me knows that I'm an addict for Jack Kirby, who, arguably, drew the best comic book covers, ever. But, it was this issue of LOIS LANE that wins the prize for most outrageous DC comic book cover. It probably says more about my tastes than the editors and creators who churned out this monthly edition but I can't deny the sheer power of wacky ideas this concept, alone, generates for a guy like me. Comics were invented so that all ideas, good and bad -- plus, the kitchen sink -- could be thrown against the wall and slide into a 4-color mix just to see what would happen.


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