Man-Size (man_size) wrote,

Which One?

When it comes to freelance, I'm always working the next angle. I have Marvel work for the next year, but who knows if that will dry up. For those who know me, my sensibilities & style, which DC character should I work up a pitch for?

Captain Atom
The Question
Plastic Man
Captain Marvel**
Inferior Five

*Azzarello is supposedly writing an OMAC comic for Wildstorm (I think they recently obtained all of Kirby's 4th World stuff), but that doesn't stop me from wanting a crack at the franchise.

**BONE creator Jeff Smith just signed on to do a 4-issue Captain Marvel prestige series, which will kick major ass, but I still can't help but want another spin on the character (see my BIZARRO story "Captain Marvel and the Sham Shazam"). I may want to couple Captain Marvel with Plastic Man and kill two birds with one stone.
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