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BILLY DOGMA 2009 press clips

Dean Haspiel’s “Bring Me the Heart of Billy Dogma,” a love story between the title character and Jane Legit, is one of the best. It continues the bombastic tone, sexual escapades and striking color palette of the continuing Web series.
---NY Times

…the most kick-ass love letter to monogamous love I have ever seen. Bring Me the Heart of Billy Dogma. In it, Dean Haspiel makes single partner sexuality seem more intense and mind blowing than all the sleazy wet dreams of all the hair metal jackasses that ever were thrown into a centrifuge and force fed down our collective throats.
--Graphic NYC

Dean Haspiel’s “Billy Dogma” – No surprise that Dean’s page look great. I’m not familiar with Billy Dogma and its universe, but I can always get behind sexually charged humor like this. Intriguing, and well worth seeking more from.

The man who’s done for sex what Kirby did for violence, philosopher toughguy and figure of legend Dean Haspiel, continues the Watchmen of eight-pagers (though here he lasts for twelve) with Billy Dogma, the Melvillian urban hermit whose inner solitude is regularly scaled by Jane Legit, the literal sex-goddess whose stormy relationship with him keeps a totemic balance in the civic relations of Trip City. It’s a kind of modern Greek myth with an uber-sexed Persephone and Pluto who actually can’t keep their hands off each other, no matter what you’ve read in the tablets.
--Comic Critique

Other stories seem strikingly personal, such as Dean Haspiel's "Bring Me the Heart of Billy Dogma", which, sees the character's relationship with his girlfriend Jane Legit shaking the foundations of their world. It's as good as always, with Haspiel baring his emotions and feelings about love and the way it can seem world-alteringly powerful. There's the usual idiosyncratic dialogue, bombastic Kirby-esque artwork, symbolic hearts, and graphic nudity and sex. It's great stuff, a small sample of what's in store for readers if they choose to read more online.
--Warren Peace

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