Man-Size (man_size) wrote,

Philadelphia Weekly puts The Alcoholic on its Holiday 2009 list.

Holidays 2009: Graphic Novels
Reading material for everyone on your list.

By Paul F. Montgomery
Posted Dec. 1, 2009

Once considered a niche item, modern comics make great gifts for just about anybody. Here are a few suggestions for your more particular Pollyannas.

For Craig, who wakes up in the bathtub a lot:
Craig clearly has a problem, and there’s no need to be subtle about it. The Alcoholic (Vertigo, $19.99) by Jonathan Ames and Dean Haspiel is exactly what you think it is, a semi-autobiographical tale of substance abuse and lessons learned. It’s also hilarious and lurid and fucked up, as any cautionary tale should be. Then again, it also reinforces the notion that coke-sniffling booze hounds tend to make good novelists. That could send the wrong message. Maybe you should just pick up a copy for yourself instead. It’s really good. Once Craig sobers up, he can find out for himself.

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