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Cuba: One Story

During NYCC, I announced my new original graphic novel collaboration with writer/artist/friend, Inverna Lockpez:

Here's what Newsarama reported:

Cuba: One Story, an original graphic novel, got strong reactions from several members of the panel. Described as a memoir with a little fiction mixed in, the story is written by new-to-comics writer Inverna Lockpez and illustrated by Dean Haspiel.

Haspiel said that the project is extremely personal to him and very hard to talk about. For the last twenty-five years, Lockpez has “been my second mother,” he said. “Over those 25 years, she’s told me little stories about her time in Cuba. I’d push for more, but it was hard for her to do.” He mentioned that she “used to be in Castro’s army and was a surgeon,” and recently when he was completing The Alcoholic, she showed an interest in “the memoir stuff I’d been doing.” Although she is a painter and artist, not necessarily a writer, Haspiel “asked her to purge” and then asked Karen Berger for a meeting. Lockpez talked to Berger “for an hour and a half, and Karen had tears in her eyes.” “This is my most personal project,” Haspiel concluded. It will be a two-color graphic novel in 2010.

[a snapshot from the Vertigo panel courtesy DC Comics]

To learn more about Inverna Lockpez:

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